Past Events





We celebrated this year with all out members and friends! With Matsuriza performance, martial art demonstration, kimono expo and more! Don’t miss our celebration of 2019 in January!



From 2014 onwards, the “Walk in US-Talk on Japan” program is taking place in various regions of the US, and we were lucky to host it in Pensacola!


This program is held every year at the National Naval Aviation Museum of Pensacola for support the US military that served in Japan and foment friendship betweenthis two countries! Check out more information here.


Meet and greet the members of our Society and enjoy delicious food!



It is a delicious way to support Gulf Coast Kid’s House. And the good part? It happens every year!



Ikebana is the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement. We had special guest, Chieko Mihori, that hosted a demonstration of Sogetsu style of ikebana and conducted a workshop! For read more click here.



Visit of Shinji Nagashima to UWF, donation from our Sister City Gero for the April Flooding Relief, remember “Tomo-san” and more! For check the full newsletter, click here.