Tastes of Japan

As part of Foo Foo Fest 2018, the Japan-America Society of Northwest Florida (JASNWFL) is presenting “Tastes of Japan,” a five-night tour of Japanese cuisine, Nov. 5-9 at SoGourmet in downtown Pensacola.

Each night will be centered around a unique theme focusing on a different aspect of Japanese food and drink, with cooking demonstrations and interesting trivia about each dish.

Monday, Nov. 5 is all about “Everyday Cooking.” Try the types of foods that Japanese families might cook for a typical meal, and get inspiration to create your own visually appealing bento boxes. Admission is $35 per person, or $30 for JASNWFL members.

Tuesday, Nov. 6 is the “Election Night Sake Tasting.” Whether your candidates won or lost, toast your victory or drown your sorrows with some fine Japanese sake, including some from the renowned Tenryo brewery in Pensacola’s sister city Gero, while enjoying izakaya-style hors d’oeuvres. Admission is $45 per person, or $40 for JASNWFL members.

Wednesday, Nov. 7 is “Sukiyaki with Momo.” Guest chef Momo Young from New Orleans will serve this classic nabemono dish — thinly sliced beef cooked in a large pot with vegetables and noodles — along with other courses that blend traditional cuisine with Cajun flavors. Admission is $45 per person, or $40 for JASNWFL members.

Thursday, Nov. 8 is “Okinawa Night.” Sample dishes that exemplify the island’s status as a cultural melting pot, like champuru and taco rice, and wash it all down with an Orion beer. This should bring back fond memories for U.S. service members who were stationed there. Admission is $35 per person, or $30 for JASNWFL members.

Friday, Nov. 9 closes out the week with a “Sushi Workshop.” Learn the ins and outs of making your own sushi, from vinegaring rice to rolling makizushi, temaki and onigiri. Don’t worry — there will be plenty of professionally made sushi to enjoy while you learn. Admission is $45 per person, or $40 for JASNWFL members.

Each dinner will take place from 6-8 p.m. at SoGourmet, 407 S. Palafox St., in the upstairs demonstration kitchen.

Admission includes dinner and one complimentary beer or wine drink, plus a special souvenir to take home. Those who purchase tickets for all five nights will receive a bonus $20 gift certificate to a local Japanese restaurant.

Tickets are limited and may be purchased through Eventbrite or by check. For more information, or to become a JASNWFL member, visit jasnwfl.org or email info@jasnwfl.org.

Promotional imagery may not reflect exact ingredients used in event. Contact us with any dietary concerns.